Are you PCI compliant?

Credit cards accepted hereIf you accept credit cards, whether online or in-person, you are required to meet PCI compliance standards. These regulations have been around a while now, although it seems that many small business owners aren’t yet up on the latest. Don’t get hit with steep penalties for any security breech–learn more about compliance now, before it’s too late.

The regulations center on protecting credit card data, which includes secure storage, encrypted transmission, limited access, and more. E-commerce and point-of-sale solutions are impacted, along with anyone else who stores credit card information for any reason.

You can find the full requirements here:

This guide speaks to the requirements in plain English:

And this video, produced by the Retail Solutions Providers Association, provides an inside look at how these regulations have devastated a number of businesses who weren’t prepared:

The bottom line? If PCI applies to you, take measures now to ensure your company is protected.