Geeks are no fools: techie pranks for everyone

tv_b_goneNeed a good April fools’ joke? Technology comes to the rescue once again…

TV-B-Gone” has been around for a while, but it’s still a classic. Press the button and nearly any TV will turn itself off within a matter of seconds. shocking_penSpouse won’t pay attention to you? TV-B-Gone. Sports bar getting too rowdy? TV-B-Gone. Any time you want a little peace and quiet, TV-B-Gone is there for you.

You can also try the “shocking pen” which is not a pen at all, it’s simply a pen-look-alike that shocks the unwitting victim when they hit the button at the top. Eeek!

annoyatronFor more stealth pranks, check out the “Annoy-a-tron 2.0,” which puts out your choice of annoying sounds. This tiny device can be hidden nearly anywhere and programmed to randomly emit beeps, buzzes, chirps, and more. Because of the random timing, it can be very hard to pinpoint the source of the noise, and the geeky folks at ThinkGeek assure us the noise truly lives up to its name.

phantom-keystrokerThis tiny little device looks like a regular flash drive, but it’s actually a “phantom keystroker” which will randomly move your mouse and type garbled phrases. For someone unaware of its presence, it will seem like the computer has gone crazy.

airzookaLastly, who could pass up the “airzooka“? This baby blows a ball of air up to 30 feet. Really. Recommended applications for this device: ruffle a co-workers’ hair, blow papers off their desk, or startle the office dog.

Need more? Check out all the geekie toys at ThinkGeek. I always find things there I never knew I wanted.

April fool’s, geek-style

Google PigeonRankGoogle has a tradition of celebrating holidays with seasonal logos on their home page. They happen to especially enjoy April Fools. Visit Wikipedia for complete details on the MentalPlex, PigeonRank, Google Gulp, and more: Google’s Hoaxes.

And if you’re feeling a little geeky yourself, check out these classic pranks: Wired Magazine April Fools Pranks for Nerds.