Stay Connected With Clients

wendyheadshot2cropHave you been on one of our remote support sessions? We’ve been told it’s a little creepy—disconcerting, at least—to watch your mouse move around on the screen by itself. Despite that, we’ve heard overwhelmingly that you love how quickly we can respond when we can get on your computer right away, no drive time required.  We like it too—no more racing all around town to solve the crisis of the day.

However, all this remote work leaves us with a challenge: how do we stay connected with you even though you may not see us in person?

There are many ways we try to keep in touch and stay connected to our clients in this virtual world—through email and phone communication from us any time you open a ticket or as the status of each ticket changes, the critical alerts we send addressing any security issues in the news that may impact your business, and client surveys to get direct feedback along the way. We also have face to face Business Reviews Meetings with each client so we can sit down together. This strategic review ensures that our technology recommendations stay aligned with our clients’ company goals.

We’re also very committed to these newsletters as a way to stay in touch—we hope you enjoy them each month. Let us know if there are any special topics you’d like to hear more about.

Of course nothing beats the personal touch, so please know I’m available to you. If you have something you need to speak with me about, give me a shout any time: my email is




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