This Small Business Intruder Is Stealing Your Money And Ruining The Environment

save money on ITSpam. Everyone knows what a pain it is but few truly understand the costly impact it has on their business and the environment. The average employee spends up to15 minutes per day cleaning out the e-mails on Viagra; if you have 25 employees earning an average of $45K per year, that means you are paying them approximately $2,200 per month to press the delete key.

According to Ferris Research, spam cost businesses more than $30 billion dollars last year in lost productivity, IT costs, and spam control software—that’s more than $4.48 for every man, woman, and child on the planet!

To top it off, spam also has an environmental impact. The “Yale Environment 360” report cited that transmitting, deleting, and reading spam wasted enough electricity to power 2.4 million American homes and created greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 3.1 million cars. The majority of the electricity used (80%) was from sifting through and deleting junk mail.

3 Ways To Stop The Spam Invasion!

Check out these 3 ways you can reduce this costly and time-sucking e-mail pest from hindering your company’s productivity.

1) Don’t Respond To Or Opt Out Of Spam E-mails

Don’t assume these are legitimate communications! If you try and opt out of these lists, you are basically verifying your e-mail address to the spammers, ensuring even MORE junk e-mail than before. And you certainly don’t want to respond; that will make you an even bigger target!

2) Use Your Junk Mail Folder

Microsoft Outlook  will automatically separate spam into your junk mail folder so you can spend less time sorting through your inbox. It also reduces your chances of opening a malicious junk message which may contain a virus or worm.  The downside of this folder: you might have to periodically check it to make sure no “good” messages are sitting in there.

3) Get A GOOD Spam Filter

Whether the spam filter you choose is a hardware appliance, software you install locally on your network, or a third-party spam filter that cleans and captures messages before they arrive on your network, having one is important. Over time, you can “train” these filters to know which messages to block and which to keep.

The Absolute Best Spam Filter

After looking at dozens of spam filters, we’ve discovered one that is by far the best there is. Not only will it rid your inbox of those annoying, time-consuming, unsolicited junk messages finally and forever, but it also prevents loss of email even if your server crashes or your Internet connection goes down.  Our spam solution is easy to use, simple to set up and is guaranteed to reduce your spam by 96% – or your money back.

Call or e-mail us now to get started:  314-414-8400 or



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