Yes, I Walked Through Fire

wendy fireWhen I was younger, I was always looking for new, bigger, better, more exciting…whatever the subject, I was all about living my life and having adventures. Fast forward a decade or two…at some point I stopped fighting so hard against the status quo. I started settling. I tolerated situations that the younger me never would have accepted. I called it reality.

This year I’ve been fighting back against this so-called reality. Making dramatic changes in my life. Breaking through insecurities that have been holding me back. When I got stuck, I decided it was time to walk through fire. Literally!

Tony Robbins is well-known for coaching huge crowds of people to walk through a bed of 2000 degree coals, so off I went. Yes, I walked on the coals. Yes, I was barefoot. Yes, they were extremely hot. No, it didn’t hurt. And no, not a single blister. IT WAS SO EMPOWERING! He does this to prove so much in life is mind over matter. Your attitude and approach make all the difference.

Surprisingly, the firewalk is at the end of day 1 of 4. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning. Facing your fears in such a tangible way prepares you to dig deep and get real with your emotions. Tony likes to say that the quality of your life is based on the quality of your emotions. If you feel good, life is good. It’s that simple. He teaches you how to put yourself into a positive, productive state of mind. He also guides you to break through limiting beliefs that hold you back.

It was an incredible experience. Still, I was afraid I might not be able to hang onto it once I got back to “reality.” Turns out, once you see how your emotions create unnecessary turmoil, it seems silly to keep letting that happen. I feel calm, centered, and unstoppable. Raising my expectations means I’m back to having adventures and living my best life. So what’s holding you back and how can you break thorough?



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