8 Productivity-Boosting Tech Tips

Save a few minutes to over an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even the smallest improvements, just a few seconds here and there, really add up when they are repeated over and over throughout the work week.

Buy a New Computer- If your computer takes more than a few seconds to boot up every morning, it’s time for a new one, or at least a tune-up. For best performance, replace desktop PCs every 3-4 years and laptops every 2-3 years.

Manage Email Better- Saving a few seconds every time you check email is a big deal. See article page 3.

Add Another Monitor- The easiest and cheapest way to get more done in less time. Results vary depending on the type of work you do, but one thing is clear: dual monitors are a huge productivity booster.

Encourage Remote Access- Make it easy for people to work anytime, anywhere, and give them flexibility. People will put in not only more hours, but also more productive hours because they have home life better under control.

Upgrade Your Internet- Do you use cloud-based services? Spend a lot of time online? Check out faster Internet for increased speed throughout the day.

Make Information Easier to Access- Employees spend hours every day searching for what they need. Clean up and reorganize your company’s shared data drives. Communicate the new structure to your team, and have managers enforce it. Take it further: investigate document management systems.

Chat with Instant Messaging- A quick and easy way to communicate with others inside the company. It’s more immediate and interactive than email, but less disruptive than a phone call.

Reorganize Your Desktop- Have everyone on your team reorganize their workspace to make it more efficient: make everything you do on a regular basis accessible within one to two mouse clicks.

There are always more ways technology can make your team more productive! Just ask CIO!





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