CIO Security ALERT: 5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Leaked Online

alertThis is an Alert from CIO Services. We will never send alerts that are not warranted and we request that you read the entire advisory and share it so that others may protect their personal accounts.

Unknown hackers have leaked over five million valid credentials pertaining to Google Mail logins early this morning. The file of leaked emails does not contain any passwords or other sensitive information, only full Gmail email addresses, but this still poses a serious threat to personal information.

Here’s what we recommend to protect your Gmail accounts:

  • Do not enter any email username or password combinations into any websites “to check if your password is secure.” It appears scams are already appearing.
  • We highly recommend you change your Gmail password regardless and turn on a form of two-factor authentication to heighten security and prevent any possible future attacks.
  •  When you change your passwords, we recommend you pick a new password that is strong (at least 9 characters long with UPPER case and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as $%&*!@).
  • Please read the link below for easy ways to create good passwords that you can remember:

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