April = Earth Day = E-Cycling!

sign-29227_640One of my personal passions is recycling. I’ve made it a part of CIO Services, by incorporating green policies internally and by helping our clients recycle old equipment—computers, monitors, printers, parts, etc. However,  I’ve discovered a few of our clients don’t know we provide this service so apparently I haven’t promoted it well enough.

Let me say it loud and clear: CIO will help you recycle all your technotrash!

To simplify this process, we’ve partnered with Somtech, a registered ILEPA collector of electronic waste, both commercial and residential. Somtech E-cycling is fairly new to the e-cycling business, but has been in the community for years recycling old/damaged cell phones via recycle bins in The Bank of Edwardsville branches, Shell Community Credit Union branches, and Anderson Hospital.

If you are not a client and you’ve been spring cleaning grab all the electronics that were gathering dust and take them to any of the Earth Day events this April. At most events they will take pretty much anything with a plug…

  • Cell Phones, Chargers, and their Batteries
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Printers/Fax Machines
  • Televisions/Monitors
  • Telephones
  • as well as CDs, tapes, old floppy disks, etc.

If you miss the events, you can still recycle—just give us a call! . For larger quantities we can coordinate a pickup directly with Somtech.

To learn more about Somtech E-cycling visit them at:


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