Don’t LOVE Dealing With Vendors?

There are so many different technology systems that are intertwined in any business, which means a lot of different vendors to manage.

Most companies vendor lists include internet providers, domain hosts, security companies, software developers, cloud applications, copier vendors, telephone providers, teleconferencing and videoconferencing providers, just to name a few. With all those vendors to manage, how much time does your company waste calling, connecting and trying to understand and schedule things to keep your business running? As everything moves into cloud-based solutions and services, vendor management is quickly becoming an even bigger, more time consuming job.

Many businesses need help managing their IT-related vendors. CIO is in a unique position to deliver that service effectively and efficiently. We know the vendors and what services they are supposed to provide. In many cases we already work with the same vendors at other clients. As techs, we understand their geek speak, and that means you don’t have to waste time on the phone wondering whether you’re getting the runaround. You don’t have to worry about fingerpointing either, which is a common problem when multiple vendors are involved. We deal directly with our clients’ vendors for them, to get it right the first time. It just makes sense.

Whenever you have a technology issue, you can call us, and we will take steps to address it, including communication and coordination of other technology vendors. We often say if it plugs into the wall or is somehow connected to anything on your network, don’t worry about who to call, just call CIO. It also simplifies the support process for your staff since there is simply one number to call.

Don’t LOVE dealing with vendors? Let us handle it for you.



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