CIO’s Wellness Resolution

I spend a lot of time optimizing technology to improve productivity for our clients. In technology a lot of little things add up to big productivity and in the end big profits for a company.

“Do the little things. In the future when you look back, they’d have made the greatest change.”

― Nike Thaddeus

Lately I’ve been thinking beyond technology. What other things impact a team’s productivity? For example as a company we noticed stress impacting our employees’ health and happiness, which would clearly lead to decreased productivity. We started looking at ways to provide a healthier workplace, support healthier choices, lower stress levels, and just improve overall wellness of our employees. Not just for productivity, but because I want people to enjoy coming to work and feel good about the work they do.

I can’t change the fact that IT is a high stress job with constant urgent demands, but I can give our employees resources and tools so they can handle stress better and decrease the impact of stress on their health and wellness.

We recently started a Wellness program designed to decrease stress and help us all make healthier choices. We partnered up with Fitness With Anika, a personal training studio located just below our office, to create a wellness program for our company. Anika has started weekly wellness challenges, things like walking, stretching, drinking more water and selecting healthier snacks. She is showing us how a lot of little things can add up to big change in how our bodies react to stress.

What little things add up to big change for your company?



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