‘Unplug’ This Thanksgiving

unplug-98609_640Since most of our clients take Thanksgiving day off it’s a good day for me to unplug a little. I take the day to enjoy family, friends and food instead of being surrounded by tech distractions. But do I really? Just look at all the ways technology has become a part of thanksgiving…

Cooking digitally. Lots of folks get their Thanksgiving recipes from the web, but some bring the digital world right inside the kitchen. I read recipes straight from my iPad. And did you know there are digital thermometers that give temperature updates wirelessly?

Visiting with friends and family. Skype with loved ones who can’t be there. Grab a laptop and prop it up on the Thanksgiving table, launch Skype and dial in your favorite relative.

Buying tech gadgets. There are too many tech deals on Black Friday to stay home and eat leftovers. Better yet get up after sunrise, and find a cushy spot on the couch to surf for the best online deals.

Catch every game. Thanksgiving is as much about football as it is about food and family in most households. DVR the games you can’t catch during the family dinner.

Record your favorite holiday classics. Thanksgiving is also the official start of holiday TV specials. If you are too busy watching the game, TIVO your favorite classics.

Share digital photos and family videos. Document all the holiday fun, and don’t forget to share it on Facebook, twitter, and instagram along the way!

I’m thankful for all this technology, but I’m even more thankful for a day to ‘unplug’ every once in a while. Happy Thanksgiving!


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