Take A Vacation TO Boost Productivity

We business owners work hard to keep our companies on track and moving forward. The unfortunate result is that many of us never get around to vacations. I don’t even know the last time I took off for anything other than Thanksgiving, Christmas or because I was sick.

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. ~ Ovid

Most of my so-called vacations over the last few years have been conferences and other business trips. I grant you, they can be a pleasant break, refreshing in their own right, but not to be confused with a true vacation.

The last time I took a vacation  – FOUR WHOLE DAYS OFF – I remember thinking, ‘What a luxury!” But I came back refreshed, ready for new challenges. I had new-found energy. I was in a great mood, and trust me, my staff noticed. That is valuable stuff not just a luxury. Yet once again I find myself overdue for a real vacation.

A friend and fellow business owner takes off a day every month to do whatever he chooses. He said it both refreshes him and gives him extra momentum to check items off his to-do list before he takes off. Author David Allen of Getting Things Done notes that people tend to wrap up loose ends just before vacation. His suggestion: take vacation more than just once a year to clear out the old piles and review plans for the future.

There’s probably a formula: the less you feel you can afford to take time off, the more you need to do it anyway. When’s the last time you took a much-deserved break?


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