Be Green Earth Day and Everyday!

downloadOne of my personal passions is recycling. I’ve made it a part of the business, by incorporating green policies internally and by helping our clients recycle old equipment—computers, monitors, printers, parts, etc. However, I’ve discovered few of our clients know we provide this service so apparently I haven’t promoted it well enough.

Let me say it loud and clear: we will help you recycle all your technotrash!

To simplify our processes, we’ve partnered with WITS, the largest non-profit recycler in Missouri. They donate equipment that can be used, and they recycle anything else. They also handle data destruction so you don’t have to worry about your confidential data landing on the internet by mistake.

Fees are nominal (free for our Platinum clients!), and we handle those as a straight pass-through, no markups. If you ask us when we’re onsite, we can often take small loads back to the office with us, for our next delivery. For larger quantities we can coordinate a pickup directly with WITS.

If you are in a spring cleaning mood, grab all the electronics gathering dust in the closet and take them to any of the upcoming Earth Day recycling events. They’ll take pretty much anything with a plug, as well as CDs, tapes, old floppy disks, etc. If you miss the event, you can still recycle—just give us a call.

Visit for full details and Earth Day Events.


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