Why I love my new wii fit

wiifitOne week ago today I purchased a Wii Fit (and the Wii itself). Being in a techie job, the most active part of my day is walking to and from the office. The rest of the day my butt sits in a chair, no activity in sight.

As a hard-core geek, I am proud to say technology has come to my rescue – this game can really make you sweat!

The daily body test will measure your BMI and weight, and I like how it charts progress. It promptly told me I was obese, but it was so friendly and cheerful I didn’t mind. Not much, anyway.

The activities? There are plenty to choose from: yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. The balance board is quite sensitive, which makes yoga an entirely different experience – seeing how your balance shifts right on the screen in front of you is a tremendous help in refining your skills. My favorite is the ski slalom, although surprisingly I love heading the balls in the soccer game.

As you collect “Wii fit credits,” the game unlocks more activities, so I don’t expect to be bored anytime soon. According to the charts, I’ve already lost 5 pounds – pretty impressive results. I’ve never found it so easy and motivating to work out, which is why I love my new Wii Fit!


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