It’s Earth Day…is your computer saving energy?

earthdayIn honor of Earth Day…here are a few easy tips to save energy by updating settings on your computer.

Obviously you can save energy by turning off your computer when you aren’t using it, but even when you are using it there are a variety of settings you can tweak to make the most of your energy usage.

In your computer’s Control Panel, you can find Power Options. You’ll be able to tweak your power settings here, by turning off your monitor and hard drive if you computer hasn’t been active for more than a few minutes.The exact steps vary a little bit between different kind of computers, but it’s usually pretty easy to change these settings so don’t be afraid to try this step.

Lower the brightness on your monitor for another energy-saving boost, as long as it doesn’t strain your eyes. Look for control buttons on the bottom of the monitor, or at the top of your laptop keyboard.

Wireless broadcasting also requires quite a bit of energy, and most laptops have a button that turns wireless on or off. If you are working offline, you’ll find that turning off wireless can great extend your battery life.

That’s it for now…just a few simple steps and you’ll be helping to save the planet!


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