Windows Small Business Server

microsoft-windows-small-business-serverReady for your first server? Every company has different needs, but chances are you’ll end up with a Windows Small Business Server.

The reason Microsoft’s Small Business Server is so popular in growing businesses is that it bundles a number of key services all in one.

It’s also offered at a very appealing price, far less than it would cost to buy each item individually. It’s a great foundation to any small business’s computer network.

Some of the features include:

  • Exchange Server – this allows you to host email on your server and share data like contacts and calendars
  • SharePoint – this is a good platform for an internal company website, also known as an intranet
  • Fax Server – you can set up computer-based faxing
  • SQL Server – this powerful database is needed for many software applications
  • Firewall – security is also built into the Small Business Server, although be sure to include additional precautions like an external firewall/security device

Routine server functions like file and printer sharing are also included. It comes with licenses for up to 5 people, and you can buy 5-packs of additional licenses to cover the number of staff connected to your network.

In case you are wondering why large businesses don’t use it…this is a special deal intended only for small companies. Microsoft limits the number of users to 75 per server, which means larger companies can’t run it.


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