Web designer vs web developer: what’s the difference?

web designers and developersThere are so many people who claim to build websites…have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Generally, a web designer focuses primarily on the graphic look of a website. The best ones are trained graphic designers who have chosen to specialize in web design. Most can do at least basic website programming. Their strength is creating a cohesive image for your website that reflects your company’s identity.

By contrast, a web developer is a programmer who has specialized in web programming languages, from the basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to more advanced languages (PHP, ASP, Java, AJAX). Sites that are coded by a good web developer tend to perform better, load faster, and work more smoothly no matter what internet browser is used. You’ll need the talents of a web developer when you build advanced interactive sites that include e-commerce, content management, and interactive features like forums, blogs, chat, etc.

In most cases, your best choice is to work with a team that includes both web designers and developers, so that your site looks good AND works well.


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