Mobile broadband: the best thing since cell phones

sprint-sierra-usb598-modemA few of my friends have invested in data cards from the cell phone company, otherwise known as mobile broadband. For months, I’ve heard about how handy they are, and yet I resisted because I didn’t want to add another $60 to my monthly cellular bill.

Last week, at an all-day conference, a friend shared his wireless access so I could get work done even though I was away from the office. Finally all the comments got through. Days later I placed an order for the Sprint Sierra Wireless USB modem. We’ve had it less than a week and I already see the productivity boost.

At the St. Louis Business Expo, we were able to schedule tickets for clients who stopped by without having to invest in the expensive Internet services provided by the conference center. In my all-day partner meeting with Microsoft the next day, I was able to keep in touch with the office via email and instant messaging. That evening, at yet another vendor partner meeting, my senior tech kept tabs on a server migration that was currently in progress.

Best of all, since we’re set up with tools to take care of our clients remotely, the wireless card makes on-call support a lot less painful: during evenings and weekends whoever’s on call can easily address any client issues that may arise, wherever they may be.

Installation is a snap – plug it in and it installs itself. Click a button to connect. Speeds vary depending on your location – just like cell phone coverage – but so far we’ve seen pretty fast response, broadband speeds.

If you live out of a mobile office and your time is precious to you, this is a device you should definitely check out.


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