Nonprofits: spend less on tech, more on your mission

techsoup1Are you involved with a great non-profit organization? Make sure they know that they can get special deals on computer software and hardware. Many organizations waste thousands of dollars each year because they aren’t aware of the special programs available just for them! is a fantastic resource because they bring major vendors together in one place to offer the best deals around for 501(c)3 organizations. Many major vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Symantec, and Intuit, offer products at unbelievable discounts, often a fraction of the normal retail price.

There are rules to follow, and not everyone qualifies. Political and religious organizations are typically excluded.

However, even if Techsoup doesn’t work out, you’re not out of luck. Check with the vendors directly, or call major distributors like CDW to see if they can offer specialized assistance. CDW, for example, has an entire division dedicated to non-profits, with customized solutions to meet the needs of associations, foundations, religious groups, and social services.

Another tip: if your network support provider has strong vendor relationships, they can often negotiate special deals directly with the vendors for system upgrades.

Because non-profits are on a fixed budget, predictable expenses are critical. To prevent budget overruns, keep equipment under warranty and look for providers who offer true fixed-price maintenance plans. Don’t waste money repairing old, outdated equipment; instead, plan regular upgrades and, if possible, time these to warranty expirations.


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