Why you should call your internet service provider every year

broadband2When did you last speak with your internet service provider (ISP)? Most people “set it and forget it.” Did you know this could be costing you money?

We use cable for our office internet. It was expensive that first year, although far less than a T1 connection, so it seemed like a good deal at the time. I called a year later, halfway into a 2-year contract, and got the price cut in half for the exact same service. Nine months later, another call netted me triple the speed AND cable TV for a few dollars less each month.

We’ve run into clients on old DSL plans that have them paying 3-4 times the going rate for tortoise-like speeds. A single phone call gets them faster speeds at a fraction of the price.

And if you have a T1, you can almost certainly pay less or get more for your money. Compared to an integrated T1, in place in many small businesses today, dynamic T1s give you tremendous flexibility, splitting phone and data as needed instead of cutting the connection in half. The phone gets priority, but if no one’s talking, you get the entire T1 for your data. That means faster uploads and downloads.

Do you have multiple locations, maybe a point-to-point T1? Check out MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). This technology simplifies management of network traffic, which means your most important applications get priority, and you get better network performance.


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