No more last-minute bank trips

check_scannerDoes your bank offer remote deposit? If you aren’t sure, ask.

The basic idea is that you no longer need to deliver a physical copy of your customers’ checks to the bank for deposit. An electronic copy is all you need.

Why bother? You’ll save time and gain faster access to your funds.

This technology became possible several years ago, when the Check 21 Act went into effect. It’s just now becoming commonplace in small businesses.

It’s a simple process. Your bank will provide you with a check scanner, and you’ll be given access to a website where you can submit your deposits. A few banks are offering software that integrates directly with QuickBooks, saving even more time.


2 thoughts on “No more last-minute bank trips

    • Costs vary depending on your bank and the type of account you have. They usually do charge some kind of fee since they have to provide equipment. From what I’ve seen, in most cases it will be $25 – $75/month. Compare this to the value of your time x how much time you spend running to and from the bank. HTH!

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