Virtual training, real results

Second Life Virtual LectureEver heard of Second Life? It’s a virtual world filled with everything from ancient Rome to a waterslide park to an entire island devoted to Ben and Jerry’s. Did I mention you can fly in this world? Try parachuting off the Eiffel Tower for a spectacular view of Paris.

Businesses are still exploring corporate applications in this world, but one common theme seems to be training. Many universities and large corporations – especially tech companies like Intel and IBM – are experimenting with virtual lectures, trade shows, and training classes.

Ohio University has put together a great overview of their online campus to give you an idea what’s possible:

This next video demonstrates cutting edge simulations, where robotic avatars allow trainees to interact live (so to speak) and learn how to handle a variety of situations.

An open-source learning management system, Moodle, now has a Second Life counterpart, Sloodle, to help you set up virtual training quickly and easily.


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