You should be on YouTube!

YouTubeYou should be on YouTube! More specifically, your business should be. After all, where else can you get instant exposure to millions of people?

Nearly all of us sell some form of expertise, so an obvious option is a short training video, a how-to, or a question and answer session (get a friend to interview you). Think about what your potential customers might want to know, and provide those answers. It doesn’t have to be complicated. 1-800-FLOWERS does a nice job with this simple video that illustrates how to cut flower stems so that they stay fresh:

Nervous about going on camera? Interview customers – gather case studies that show off the power of using your services, or ask them why they like working with you. Check out whitewater-rafting company Mokimac, who did just that:

If what you do is visual, “before and after” videos can be powerful, as you see with Clutterbusters:

Have a creative streak? Come up with something catchy that appeals to more than simply your target customers – something so funny, so fantastic, so innovative, that people feel compelled to share. This is viral marketing at its best. Compass Bank has some good ones featuring their customized credit cards:

Of course, be careful or you’ll end up with something like this:


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