Clean your virtual desk

Cluttered desktopHow many icons are sitting on your computer desktop, unused? Nearly every software installation adds to the clutter on your desktop, but the only ones that need to be there are the ones you use regularly. All the rest can be found on your Start Menu.

For a quick fix, go to your desktop and delete every shortcut icon that you haven’t used in the last month. You can tell the shortcuts by the small arrow on the bottom left of the icon. These are safe to delete, because the program stays on your computer and is accessible through the Start Menu. If you have file folders or documents sitting on your desktop, don’t trash these. You can always them to your “My Documents” folder to clean things up.

Even better, there are a couple more places that are convenient locations for your program icons. One is your taskbar, usually at the bottom or the right of your screen. You can drag icons to an area next to the start button, and these stay accessible all the time, even when you are using other programs. I have Outlook and Internet Explorer on this bar, because I use these two programs the most. You can also add programs to the top of your Start Menu. This saves the time it would take to browse through the Program list.


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