Why create a LinkedIn group?

LinkedIn groupsRecently, I’ve helped a couple of organizations set up a LinkedIn group. In both cases I was peppered with questions about why we should do it. To me, it’s so easy, my response is “why not?” How can it be bad to expand the reach of your connections? But for the nay-sayers and the skeptics, here’s my official list:

  1. You can see all the profiles of everyone else in the group (unless individuals turn this off for privacy reasons)
  2. You can contact any member of the group (again, unless an individual turns this off)
  3. Any member of the group can contact you
  4. The logos are a quick “at-a-glance” way to uncover new connections and show off your business pedigree
  5. You bring visibility to your organization by displaying your groups on your profile
  6. Exposing new organizations to LinkedIn brings new LinkedIn members, expanding the reach of everyone’s connections
  7. If you organize the group yourself, it’s a great excuse to reach out to old friends and colleagues

Want to learn more? Read the LinkedIn Groups FAQ.


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