Online shopping saves Mother’s day!

Mother's Day FlowersHappy Mother’s Day! Did you remember to send your mother a gift? Thanks to the online world, my mother is being properly celebrated with beautiful flowers and a lovely e-card.

If any of you procrastinated or forgot, there’s still time, thanks to virtual delivery and streamlined electronic fulfillment and notification processes:

  • Start with an e-card at AmericanGreetings or BlueMountain. You can personalize it and email it now or schedule it for later. Many are animated and have musical accompaniment.
  • Check out the gorgeous flowers available for delivery TODAY at or FTD.
  • Send her an electronic gift certificate from If in doubt on which one she’d like best, simply purchase a SuperCertificate that she can redeem with any of their merchants. Alternatively, get her an Amazon.comcertificate. With such a wide array of products available, your mother can buy nearly anything her heart desires.

Now that you’ve got your mother taken care of, ask yourself this: how can your business make the most of the holidays? What seasonal changes should you make on your website?


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