Let a robot clean your gutters

iRobot LoojWhile computers make us more productive at work, robots are starting to take over chores at home. The latest from iRobot (maker of the Roomba vacuum) is a robot that cleans your gutters.

Why post this in a business tech blog? Because business owners are far too busy to clean gutters? Actually, the Looj is a great example of how a great core concept–a robot that cleans your house–can be leveraged for new applications. iRobot started with a robot vacuum. They now offer a mopping robot, one that cleans the shop or the outside patio, another for the pool, and of course this latest addition, the gutter cleaning robot.

What’s the core concept of your business, and how can you expand on it? How can you apply it to new markets? What services do you offer that have broader applications? I’m not saying to lose your niche–iRobot, after all, hasn’t started a rent-a-maid service–but look at logical and creative extensions of your business that provide real-world value.

And while you’re thinking about all that, you’ve got to watch this real-world demo of the Looj:

So, what’s your business’s Roomba and how can you turn that into a Looj?


One thought on “Let a robot clean your gutters

  1. If you really want someone to clean your gutters, I only charge $50 per house…of course, that all depends on the amount of stories. I like this. Sometimes what begins as a rabbit trail ends up being the money-maker for a company.

    A company called Ardent (fishing reels) found out that they were using a competitor’s grease for their moving parts. They decided to create “gear butter” – now their top-selling item. http://www.ardentoutdoors.com.

    The CEO of this company used to be the Director of Sports Management for Anheuser-Busch – he left there to manufacture fishing reels in Missouri…not really the most logical of moves, but definitely interesting.

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