Email in your sleep

EmailHave you ever tried a multi-message autoresponder? This useful service offers a slick way to send out a series of timed messages. It’s great for anyone who has to educate as part of their sales process.

Consider offering an email “class” where you send a series of daily or weekly emails, each containing useful information to help your prospects make an informed purchase decision. Avoid the sales pitch of course—you are offering expertise and experience, and that sells itself. Feature the class on your website, and link the signup box to the autoresponder service. Visitors sign up online and automatically receive emails based on whatever schedule you set up. You can even view the list to send personal follow-ups to everyone who signs up.

At the end of the course, you’ll have better educated prospects who view you as an expert. Send out a special offer after the course is complete to help convert them to new customers!


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