Read your voicemail

SimulscribeWhen you get a lot of voicemails each day, it can take quite a while to listen to all your messages. Reading is much faster, and now you can, with tools like SimulScribe. This nifty service links to your voicemail, transcribes the message into text, and sends it to you via email or text page. You can still listen to the message if you need to, in case of a transcription problem, or if you want to hear tone of voice. But you’ll only need to listen to a fraction of your calls, which can save hours of time for heavy phone users.

I’ve been using it for nearly two months now, and it’s one of the simplest productivity improvements ever (second only to dual monitors on your PC!). I average a few dozen messages each week, although I’ve been known to get as many as forty calls in a single day.

The quality of the transcription is excellent, although “Nathaniel” comes through as “Daniel,” and last night “Eric” came through as “Derrick.” The return phone numbers come through beautifully, and only about once a week do I actually listen to the message to sort out a less-than-perfect transcription. It fills in “??” if there’s something it can’t catch, and I find I usually can fill in those blanks from the context of the message.

Despite the fact that I didn’t even know about this service a few months ago, it’s now something I can’t live without. Try it–you might like it too!


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