Get Linked

LinkedInHave you tried LinkedIn yet? This is the business equivalent of Facebook combined with the Kevin Bacon game, Six Degrees of Separation, which theorizes that anyone on the planet can connect to anyone else by a chain of no more than six people. LinkedIn only takes it to four degrees, but nonetheless it is amazing how quickly your network can grow.

On LinkedIn, you can post your resume, link to business associates and search for long-lost college classmates. You can recommend others; many will reciprocate and provide recommendations for you. Expand your network with tools to automatically scan your address book for other LinkedIn contacts. Browse their networks to find even more connections. Naturally you’ll include details on your business and a link to your website. If you’re feeling ambitious, show off your knowledge by posting answers in the Q&A section of the website. And if you need a resource or have someone you want to meet, search your network to find out who knows who. Chances are that someone you know can help make that connection, whether online or real world.

The more connections I make, the more I find myself using this site. If I meet someone new, it’s easy to learn more about them with a quick search. And since I can see that others are searching for me, I’ve updated my profile to present my company in its very best light, with glowing recommendations from my clients to entice prospects to call.


One thought on “Get Linked

  1. Linked in is wonderful!! I have received several business deals with the help of that site. If you are breathing and involved in any type of business venture sign up today.

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